Action Based Sprints

We pride ourselves on being an action platform. Innovative 'Sprints' are designed to help you build action on key sustainable business issues. We run three Sprints a year, each Sprint runs for 10-12 weeks. Participants are given tools, resources and mentorship from sustainability experts. Past topics have included Zero Waste, Smarter Transport, Water, Sustainable Procurement and Individual Impact.



By taking part in a Sprint you will gain access to a resource kit. We call it The Playbook. It is designed with the help of the Sustainable Business Network and other experts in the Sprint's focus topic.


Upskill and Tools

The Now Crowd is all about up skilling members. During Sprint programmes you are given a stacked pack of useful tools to help you drive sustainability initiatives, and develop your leadership skills.



We seek to leverage the power of our community to get deals on products and services for you to test and try. We are currently working on our first deal which will be coming soon, so watch this space!

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Great Events

Great events are the back bone of any community. We have two kinds of events, sprint events and general events. Our sprint events have a panel of experts speaking about the focus topic. General events are held whenever we can throw them. They follow a range of formats such as panel discussions, workshops and social events

Case Studies

We have local and international case studies so you can leverage and learn off those who have already done great things. It's a lot easier to make a business case for sustainability when you have evidence of what has been done and what is possible.


A Crowd of Good People

The Now Crowd was started because we recognised that there were heaps of like-minded people who were eager to drive good things. We wanted to give these passionate people the time, space and support to work collectively on issues that mattered to them.



Sometimes you need the advice of someone who has done it all before. We can tap into the wide network of the Sustainable Business Network to find experienced mentors and advisors from a range of industries to help you on your journey. If you want to find a mentor or want to become one, let us know!