Our Vision 

We want to see New Zealand full of businesses that do well and do good. Sustainability is a massive opportunity for business. Millennials will be critical to ensuring this opportunity is taken up - for the benefit of our environment, business and people. 

Our Why

It's really important for millennials that our job is connected to a purpose and offers genuine professional and leadership development. The high rate of churn we see today is often due to the absence of these things. The Now Crowd was started so we could become intrapreneurs; someone who promotes innovation within their company. We want to help people become drivers of sustainability in their workplaces. Most importantly, we need to work collectively so that we can learn from one another and create real lasting impact. 

How we work

Our platform will connect you with like-minded people who, like you, are eager to drive good things.We pride ourselves on being an action platform. Our ‘Sprints’ are 10-12 week programmes designed to help you build action on the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations. At the start of each sprint, you will get a playbook to guide you through what you need to do each week. Past Sprint topics have included Zero Waste, Smarter Transport, Water, Sustainable Procurement and Individual Impact.’ We run three Sprints with different topics per year.

Our Structure

The Now Crowd is powered by the Sustainable Business Network, who lend us their expertise. It means we can leverage a wealth of resources and connections to make great stuff happen. We also have an informal board which ensures things run smoothly. 

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Our team is made up of an evolving group of contributors and a board. If you like what you see, we are always looking for people to join us and make The Now Crowd even better.